Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Right After "Learn Portuguese" (Confidence and Paranoia)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by James Murphy of the Pex Lives and City of the Dead podcasts. They certainly are not currently sharing posting duties on a media criticism website owned and operated by a Blakean Marxist occultist. Certainly not. 

Main Topic: Confidence and Paranoia. With special guest James Murphy of Pex Lives. Cute. Groovetown. Kind of a shit. James and Red Dwarf. Fetishizing VHS. Fort. That old thing. Child James and The Cat. Isolated. Hit record. Raised by Craig Charles. Depth. Racial politics. Grim. Mobius Strip of Writing. Critical distance. Pyschology. Not a space bum. Insecurities. Colors. Distaste. Stabim and Portugese. Integration. Motivation. Dialectic. Class. Lister's Found Future. (Dog noise.) Not the cool kids. Sociopathy. Sarcasm. Cheap seats. It's the eighties. Pig-headed. Representation. Jim Crow. The Inevitable Bit About Rape. Yvonne. MGTOW. Rimmer and the Internet. Caring Rimmer. Rape and comedy. Keegan. Craig Ferguson. American doofuses. Ruby Rhod. Chipper and fever. Humanity. Addiction. Insightful Rimmer. Creepy or romantic? Exploding heads. Reagan. Extreme romantic love. Distance. Kochanski. Gendered insults. 'Cause duh. Pegging. Tomboy versus Cheeses. The Cat likes Lister. Impulse. Dreams. Longevity. (Puppy growls.) Rimmer's ally. Kochanski's box. Appendage. Remake. Christie. Not into e-readers. Losers. 


Esoterica, Power, and Dick Jokes (DW: The Time Monster)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jane Campbell of Eruditorum Press to chat about The Time Monster. Much merriment and queerness ensues. 

Main Topic: The Time Monster. With special guest Jane Campbell. Awful. Gay wine glass. Love for late-stage capitalism. Beauty and monstrosity. Heathers. Dealbreaker. Justifiying The Time Monster. Structure. Never twenty-five when you can take ninety. Grad students. Balls. Misandry doesn't exist. The power that matters. Academia. Ruth and Stewart. Trickster Stewart. Cis male defense. Infantalized. Parallels. Capaldi reference. Couldn't do it to Ruth. The Daemons. Benton. Gender roles. Beside the point. Rebirth. Baby Brigadier? Benton and alternative masculinity. Naively aggressive. Absolutely nothing. Ruth the Doctor. Delgado. Missy and Delgado. Bond babes. Time Ramming with the Doctor and Master. Dick jokes. Superpenis! Time Lord physiology. Meta timewasters. Third Doctor Binro. The Daisiest Daisy. Buddhism. Esoterica. Mythology. Jo the bird. "Venerable." Lord Master. Conversation. Shippy. Paganism. Issues with the bird. Compassionate. Inconsistent. Myths of Atlantis. Moral. Power. Destroying a myth. Twenty minutes less. Precipice of annhialiation. Chronovore. "That's Jane for you." Queering. Costumes. Polyamorous Galleia? Overdramatic. Hippy? Roids.

Jane's two pieces on Beauty and Monstrosity at Eruditorum Press.

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Humanistic Existentialism (Red Dwarf: Waiting For God)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel finally get around to chatting about everyone's favorite topic: religion. And what kind of man might really deserve to be worshipped as a god. 

Main Topic: Waiting For God. Delays. Column. Polycule. Religion. Beckett. Toaster. Garbage. Priest. Troughton. Feline. Typical. Spot. Production. Colors. Characters. Files. Eleven. Surreal. Existential. Aliens. Imperialist. Fucking. Contrast. Indigenous. Odor. Interpretation. Pictograms. Sniff. Illustrations. Curry. Apostate. Shiny. Underwritten. Budget. Unexamined? Underappreciated. Archetype. Ability. Enjoyable. Meta. Tonto. Underestimated. Continuity. Suicide. Parents. Empathy. Cult. Faith. Trash. Hat. Last. Weak. Green. Manufactured. Nature. Wrong. Hamfisted. Anthropology. Switched. Rastabilly. Worthwhile. Fuchal. Limitations. Jokes. Scrumptuous. Spoon. Shirt. Infected. Punctuation. Comma. Chicken. Acting. Quarantine. Doubt. Funny. McCoy. Next time: Confidence and Paranoia.

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His Name is Django (Django Unchained)

In this bonus episode, Shana and Daniel discuss a film they've been rewatching a lot lately, Django Unchained, and the horrifying legacy of slavery. Also folk heroes in fiction, "the father of gynecology," positionality, and the deep satisfaction of seeing slavers brutally murdered. Warning: this episode contains unusually aggressive language and themes, even for Oi! Spaceman. 

Main Topic: Django Unchained. Nominally a Doctor Who podcast. Identifiers. "I believe in racism." Positionality. The legacy of slavery is still with us. Not black. Holocaust. Werner von Braun. Gypsies versus Romanis. Dripping racism. Knoxville. Linguistics. Rocks and windows. Racially-motivated violence. Badass black heroes. Should this film even exist? Fun-and-games slavery. Tarantino's positionality. Use of the N-word. Spielberg. Maus. Basterds versus Unchained. Space Nazis. Tarantino and revolution. Will Smith. Christoph Waltz. His name is King. The immigrant experience. Clever to a fault. Diction. White guilt. His name is Django. Franco Nero. Appropriation. Not advocating white genocide. Chapelle's show. Two kinds of violence. Casual. Every day. Living to his skin. Beer as a reward. The Brittle Brothers. Django's agency. Joseph Campbell bullshit. The Broomhilda myth. Metatext. Cotton. Candie. Moguy the slave. "Why don't they kill us?" Quiet heroism. Jerry-rig. Tortured. Patriarch. Steven. Black Complicity. Fool. Too clever. Burn it with fire or live to fight another day? Informed consent. Candie's motivation. Walton Goggins. Faces. "Little Troublemaker." Heroes. Structure. Wrapping Up.

From NPR: Remembering Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsy

The American Slave Coast

Chappelle's Show: The Time Haters

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Adorably Eviscerating Edwardian Social Mores (DW: Horror of Fang Rock)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by author extraordinaire Kit Gonzo in discussing the first story of the Graham Williams era, Horror of Fang Rock. At least in theory. Conversation ranges all over, but mostly focuses on the incredibly complicated role that Leela plays in Doctor Who. Racism, sexism, colonialism, classism, spoonerisms, and more. 

Main Topic: Horror of Fang Rock. With special guest Kit Gonzo. Being not-funny. Richard Dawkins or a Rutan? Writing. Commercialism. Academic writing. Browbeating Shana. Getting back on-topic. Fang Rock as a script. Haiku and cliffhangers. Pertwee's dignity. Upstairs, downstairs. Not overexplained. Dialogue and business. Lovely Louise. Leela versus Jo. Actresses imposing feminist interpretations. Costumes. Kit's background with Leela. Leela versus River. Knives versus guns. Leela's agency. Threatening evisceration. Leela stands against Edwardian values. Modern versus classic Doctors vis a vis violence. Co-showrunner Peter Capaldi. "Slay me." Dickhead Four. Ableist shit. Picking up the ball. Leela the noble savage. How are we going to approach Talons of Weng-Chiang. Racism and sexism. "It's still objectification, it's just not *actually* male gaze!" The White Guardian. Contextualized. Better to believe in science. Astrology. Foghorn. Oil versus electricity. Spoonerisms. AAVE. Shana impresses Daniel. Whitesnake. Paddy Russell. Sociopathic characters. Colonel. Indian "savages" and colonialism. The revolutionary Victorian inventor. Problematic Thanksgiving. Forgiving your grandparents. Nobody should listen to that. "Trumpface." A more depressing podcast. Modern Fang Rock. The Rutan should murder everybody. Edwardian oxygen. Daniel's favorite episode ever. Racial encoding. Servants. Working-class superstition. Shana has to leave. Longest episode to date. Rational actors. Internal divisions and external threat. Weird electricity. Sandifer. Jack and James. War of the Worlds. Blind spots and positionality. H.G. Wells. Cliche-ridden. Ludditism. Unreliable electricity. Unassailable businessmen. Go poke Phil Sandifer. Wealth. Talking about Jesus. Alien Doctor. Superman and the Doctor. Demanding perfection. The American Slave Coast. Fuckhole Founding Fathers. Wrapping up. 


Kit's book Godbomb! at Amazon.
Kory Shrum's Dying For a Living at Amazon.

Find all future episodes of all the podcasts of the Oi! Spaceman family at oispaceman.com. Daniel and Shana are also now writing a weekly column about sex and gender at Eruditorum Press. The first essay, considering Four/Leela as a D/s couple, is entitled "Good Girl, Smash the Patriarchy." 

Class, Gender, and the Ziggurat (Red Dwarf: Balance of Power)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are (shockingly, I know) joined by their podcast boyfriend Jack Graham to discuss the third episode of Series One: Balance of Power. Capitalism, class, gender, The Fappening, and Craig Charles's acting chops are all at least mentioned. 

Main Topic: Balance of Power. With special guest Jack Graham. A capitalist joke. Avoiding culture. Shana rises above. Shana's boobs. Teenagerhood. Jack's early Dwarf. Power. "I've been fished to death!" Craig Charles, Actor. Okaaaayyy... Challenging each other. Rimmer the goof-off. Re-ordering episodes. Lister the socialite. Loser's club. Post-apocalyptic. Ghosts. Exactly what a cat would do. Thematically dense. Recurring themes. Roko's Basilisk. Quasars. Horrible Rimmer. Kinship to Rimmer. Metaphorical hologram. Slut-shaming. Potential Rimmer friendship. Turning Rimmer on. Thinking it through. Being brought back. Stuff. Economics and artificial scarcity. Marxism not capitalism. Slave skutters. Fantasies of power and achievement. Class structure. Officer Kochanski. Misogyny or general disrespect? Private military. East India Company. The Inevitable Bit About Thatcher. Truckers in space. Class issues and the Cat. Teasing. Story versus ideas. "Middlebrow." A shallow reading of Jane Austen. Sartre. Government health warnings. Passing the chef's exam. "Sometimes you make those bullshit dreams work!" Ziggurat. Death video. Unemployed Lister. "Oh JPS!" Geeky Lister? No Exit. The end of heirarchy. Kochanski the muse. Purses. Waking Kochanski. Alternate directions for the show. Holograms in society. Creepy. "The Fappening." Easy to be a girl. What girls want. Clare Grogan's role in the show. Problems and opportunities. Dudebros getting drunk. Clever Lister. Density. Dumbest joke ever. Getting in touch with his feminine side. Wrapping up. The Double Rimmer. 

Roko's Baslisk on Rationalwiki

Shabcast 20

Find Jack's blog Shabogan Graffiti at Eruditorum Press. 

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Candy-Colored Totalitarianism, Gender, and Margaret Thatcher (The Happiness Patrol)

In this (slightly-delayed) episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by a first-time guest, Josh from The Web of Queer. It's a wide-ranging conversation that doesn't even begin to cover the story completely, but touches on issues of depression and music, enforced frivolity, the horror of the Thatcher years, and the nature of top-down authoritarian rule. Also: the aesthetics of the Kandyman and some discussion of set design. And whether or not Shana ships Ace with Susie Q. The answer may shock you, but probably not.

Main Topic: The Happiness Patrol. "Way to make a super-sexist joke, husband." With special guest Josh from Web of Queer. Not nonagenerian. Introducing Josh. Simple Happiness Patrol. Horrible Margaret Thatcher. Not wholly Thatcherite. "That we know of." Surveillance state. "But dude that hair defies physics!" Queering the discussion. Section 28. Promoting homosexuality. Robert Palmer's Happiness Patrol. Makeup. Standard in the 80s. Helen A's force of personality. Flipping everything. Slippery Slope. Ace gets privilege. The Friends of Earl Sigma. Solidarity. Castes. The Jews alone. Enforced normativity and self-denial. Fifi. Cutest little killer ever! Humanized dictators. Trevor Sigma. Waiting rooms. Ace sideyes. Each wig is different. Susie Q. Daniel references Atwood. Following the characters. "The pointy nosed bitch, and chick with the hard lines on her jaw, and the chick who has mostly blush..." Gender coding of costumes. Big picture opinions of The Happiness Patrol. The Kandyman can.... The poisoning of Earl. Gluing and ungluing. The Fondant Surprise has no fondant. Why this episode was a month late. Stage production. Disneytown. Accurate 1984. Daniel is wrong about the snipers. Wrapping up. "Left leaning people in the BBC?" Josh wasn't prepared for the political conversation. State-run television. "I should be protesting shit!" Music. Depression. 

Find Josh at his regular podcast The Web of Queer here, and find him on Twitter here. Find all of Daniel and Shana's regular content (at least going forward) at oispaceman.com.

Classic Doctors and Companions (Classic Doctor Who)

In this episode Daniel and Shana return to Doctor Who and... chat. What was supposed to be a fairly concise look at the experience of looking at all the Classic companions turned into a long and meandering conversation about pretty much everything Who. Shana even says nice things about Steven Moffat! Each Classic Doctor and companion is at least mentioned, although some not for very long....

Main Topic: Classic Doctor and Companion Overview. Ninety. Daniel sucks. Big softie. Looking ahead. Dirty sneaky pirate things. Region coded DVD problems. Positive response. Comprehensive review. Joe. Really cool women. Scrutiny. Learning. History. Unique. Six in the Trial. Shana says something nice about Moffat. Jaws 5000. Test of time. Fallen out of love with Ten. Nine. Powerful and vulnerable. Pearl Mackie. "Let's see how Moffat fucks it up." Capaldi on a family show. Tennant the fanboy. Writer's room. Cautious optimism. Platinum Hartnell. "One day, I shall come back." Grandpa General. Disney reference. Troughton haircut. Cosmic hobo? Cosmic hippie. If Shana were to travel with a Doctor. Meeting Fraser Hines. Only a few companions. Sex symbol Pertwee. Austin Powers. Pumpkinhead from Space. "That's my Doctor." Tom's swag. Big Finish? Understated Davison. Matt Smith. Paired with Tegan. Sixie. McCoy's skill set. Chessmaster Seven. Tennantishness to Shana's fandom. Not going to talk about Matt Smith. Barbara is an inspiration. Manly man Ian. Zapp Brannigan! Oh, Susan. Vicki with her pigtails! "You're gonna have to show me pictures of Steven." No functional memory of Daleks' Master Plan. Or Dodo. Ben and Polly. A bit Aryan Nation. Polly and fashion. Adorable Jamie. Elliot Chapman. "The Piper!" Victoria in the kitchen. Period. Daniel's biggest crush is Zoe. Cosplay. Love letter to Liz Shaw. Our greatest podcast title to date. Shipping the Brig and Liz. Problematic Brig. Shana doesn't care about Yates or Benton. Cute Jo Grant. Fun uncle. Sarah Jane Motherfucking Smith. Fuck him in his stupid fucking face. Racist makeup. K-9 sucks. Romanas in a line. Heartbreaking Adric. Misused Nyssa. Tegan and Nyssa. Tegan and Eleven. Five answers to Tegan. Tegan the anti-Saward. Gay Turlough. Kamelion waste of time. Don't need to hear Shana's Peri rant again. Ace and them dimples and that leather outfit. Coming soon.... Next week: The Happiness Patrol.

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Your Death, and How to Cope With It (Red Dwarf: Future Echoes)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel contemplate the existential horror of death, gender performativity of hairstyle, and eating robot goldfish in their discussion of Red Dwarf Series 1, Episode 2: Future Echoes. 

Main Topic: Future Echoes. Twice as many men. Explaining jokes. Downhill. Physical humor. General twattishness. Helen Shapiro. Fake references. Wobbly Chris Charles. Existential Seinfeld. Death and fear of death. Shaving cream. Lister and the mirror. Brown trousers time. Chaplin. Physicality. British slang. Suicidal father. Masculinity. Literary grotesque. Lister's father. Impeccable. Technical acting. Loneliness before death. All heart. Looking forward to Me2. "Gimboid." Schrodinger's Rimmer. Explaining Dwarf to virgins. Tripping the Rift. Maybe Futurama? Lennon, McCartney, and predestination. Lister's Found Future. Loose continuity. Aeon Flux. "Bits of you explode." Implications. Four thousand years. Priorities. Willie Loman in space. Old Lister. Rhymes with Little Miss Moffat. Low art and high art. Artificial intelligences. Wonky worldbuilding. Skutter design. Visual podcasting. "This and the other ten racks." Justifying the premise. Litmus testing his dates. Pope. Next time: Balance of Power with Jack Graham.

Oi! Spaceman Facebook group.
Tripping the Rift has a fucking website
Full text of Alexander Pope's The Dunciad
End music: Helen Shapiro, "It Might As Well Rain Until September." 

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Forever White Knights (Firefly: Serenity)

It's finally happened. Shana has convinced Daniel to start podcasting Joss Whedon. They start with what is probably his most interesting series, Firefly, and will be doing all the episodes of the series plus the theatrical film over the next few months.

In this episode then, they discuss the two-part pilot "Serenity," introduce all the major characters, and discuss the use of gender within the show. Daniel picks a few bones with worldbuilding, and sets out the general complaint that the series' Western setting (along with the military background of two of its main characters) implies a connection to the American Confederacy that the show never really deals with authentically. It's going to be a very controversial ride.

Main Topic: Serenity. Hirsute and handsome. Shana versus Daniel. Whedonite. Introductions. Pandering. History with Buffy. History with Firefly. Lexx and Cleopatra 2525. Fan cultures. "Walt Whitman is 'feel my manliness?'" Characters. Sitcom writing. "Han Solo The Series." Two introductions. Needing a male counterpart. Zoe should shoot Mal in the face. First and last. Comic book structure. "Like a Civil War kinda?" Pacing. Adorable Alan Tudyk. "Star Wars Meets Country Buffy." Chinglish. Earthy, dirty, sweet, feminine Kaylee. The fragile masculinity of Captain Tightpants. The de-virginator. Heinlein. A failure of worldbuilding. Book defined by his sexuality and moral compass. What is worldbuilding? Badger. Strawberries. The Tams. Kitchen. Ooh, subplot! Kaylee/Inara. Sex and the City? Prayer. Mal an alternative model of masculinity? Ritualistic bathing. The Patriarch says it's okay. Kaylee gets shot. Peckinpah. Out of chaos River is born. The innocent savage. A more interesting story. Attractive Simon. Conflating intelligence with morality. Shana rolls her eyes. Zoe/Wash and Amy/Rory. Reavers! Brotastic. Pornstache. Economics. Alliance as an imperial power. Confederate iconography. Jayne. 

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