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Coming to You Live From Raxacoricofallapatorius (Aliens of London/World War Three)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by the wonderful, intelligent, and lovely Jessica from The Web of Queer! The three talk all about the Ninth Doctor story Aliens of London/World War Three, including the tragedy of farting aliens (who are also incredlbly body-positive), the loveliness of Harriet Jones, and the wonder of the Tyler family dynamic. All this and a proposal for a Doctor Who tribute band besides. 


Main Topic: Aliens of London/World War Three. Introducing Jessica from The Web of Queer. Podcest. A multi-part-question for Jessica. Shana likes the Slitheen. Jessica isn't opposed to them. The Slitheen are a family, not a race. Feeling bad for Jackie. The socioeconomics of the Tyler family. Triplicating the flammability. Good face in Doctor Who. Not bluffing. Worldbuilding. Shipping Nine/Rose. "Gay" as a perjorative. We cut Russell T. Davis a bit too much slack. Daniel is a bastard for asking for examples. Captain Jack wants to fuck everything. An extended riff on Torchwood. Toff. The Ninth Doctor's Empathy. Pointless UNIT. Harriet Jones: MP Flydale North. Talkin' about Mickey. The Ninth Doctor speaks from the perspective of Classic Series fans. The Bad Wolf arc. Marathoning not marinating. Integrating the arc into the episode. Mickey refuses to go onto the TARDIS. A puppy moment. No body-shaming among the Slitheen. Spielberg Who. Proposing a Doctor Who Cover Band. Wrapping up. 


Check out The Web of Queer!

The Web of Queer discusses bisexuality and bi erasure in their Episode 14, as mentioned in this episode.

You can also find Jessica's Twitter here.


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A Turducken of Moffat (Last Christmas)

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the 2014 Christmas special, "Last Christmas," which probably should have just been called "Moff-ception." Or "The One With Crabs That Have Mouths in Their Butts." Among the topics discussed: the infantilization of Clara, the kinds of people that look like scientists, and the process of grieving. What a fun Christmas episode this was. 



Main Topic: Last Christmas. Shana took a bunch of notes. General Impressions about the Christmas special. Nick Frost/Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright. Praise for (most of) the technical side. "The Moffat Hate Hour." Moffat as the self-underminer. Dan Starkey. Moffat-era Who as a fairy tale. Twelve vs. One. Shana has Sara Kingdom on the brain. Clara being saved by men. Why does Santa get the Doctor role? Last Christmas and female characters. Patrick Troughton's son gets to eat a turkey leg. The Ur-Moffat villain. Shana will vomit if it's the Great Intelligence. Dream logic in Moffat scripts. A hypothetical David Tennant "Last Christmas." "You Don't Seem Much Like a Scientist." The TARDIS of the Magi. Why bring up serious loss if you're not going to deal with the fallout? What if the Doctor had been Clara's Santa Claus in this episode? Internal inconsistency with the headcrabs. Shana cries about the way Moffat handles grief and loss. Clara and survivor's guilt. A Latin-speaker's pun. Shana talks about writing workshops. Infantalized Clara. Daniel makes another Pixar reference. No mention of the Christian roots of Christmas. "Am I supposed to feel bad about their real lives?" The very gendered roles of the scientists after they wake up. Daniel makes a Red Dwarf reference. Suicidal Clara. Discussing the multiple endings. The anatomy of the dream-crab. Getting philosophical about Moffat fans. Wrapping up. 


Spherical cows

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Cartoony Slavery and Sexual Assault (The Romans)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel continue their examination of the companions of Classic Who as they discuss The Romans. How adorable is Vicki? How badass is Barbara? How blockheaded is Ian? And what does the tone of this story, in which broad farce is set alongside slavery and sexual assault, say about the way entertainment was viewed in the 1960s? All that and Sassy Hartnell too. 

Main Topic: The Romans. A slow start. Introductions. Who is Vicki? Reading a Facebook comment. Production values in Classic Who. The Beatles on Who. Shana's David Tennant ringtone. WHO37 on Sarah Jane. Out of print in Region 1. All Ian and Barbara are doing is fucking. Vicki is all the things Shana likes about Clara. And then the plot happens. Nero as Hedonism-bot. Slavery and rapeyness. Farce and rape. Pepe le Pew. Mel Brooks. Praise for Dennis Spooner. Slavery as a plot device. Where *not* to start with the recons. Badass Barbara and Blockhead Ian. We're never gonna win a Hugo. Barbara's empathy. Fisticuffs. "Sassy One." The Emperor's New Groove. "High Cartoon." Psychopathic Nero. Tone switching in 1960s TV. A Great Matt Smith Episode. Complex and layered. Previews of the Next Few Episodes. An Extended Wrap-Up. 


The Beatles clip saved by Doctor Who. 

JB Anderton's WHO37 podcast episode responding to us.


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There's Nothing More Boring Than Hearing About Someone Else's Vacation (Our Experience at Chicago TARDIS 2014)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel bore you with a long conversation about their time at Chicago TARDIS 2014, including an hour-by-hour itinerary of what they did and didn't do. Riveting. To liven things up, they talk about getting to meet both Wendy Padbury and Frazer Hines randomly in the lobby, and share amusing anecdotes about some of the panels, including Noel Clarke's lunch with Sasha Grey and Camille Coduri's clear physical desire for Jon Pertwee. 


Main Topic: Chicago TARDIS 2014 Wrap-Up. (Note: On the podcast I call this episode 29, but it's kind of really 29-and-a-half.)



10 AM: Chicago TARDIS Fire-Up

12 PM: Camille Coduri

1 PM: All Teeth and Curls: 40 Years of the Fourth Doctor

Check out the WHO37 Podcast

2 PM: Cause and Effect: The Story of the BBC Visual Effects Department

3 PM: Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke Twitter

4 PM: Boyfriends Get the Short End (Shana)

4 PM: The Age of the DVDs (Daniel)

Steve Manfred Twitter

Evening: Dominic Glynn in Concert

Dominic Glynn's Doctor Who Theme 

Dominic Glynn Twitter



10 AM: 'Bout Cosplay Not Being Consent (Shana)

10 AM: The Ongoing Theme (Daniel)

Verity Podcast

Erika Ensign Twitter

11 AM: It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Doctor! (Daniel)

12 PM: Hines/Padbury/Watling

Frazer Hines Twitter

1 PM: ...History of a Mechanical Mutt

2 PM: The Perils, Perks, and Promise of Teaching Doctor Who (Shana)

Paul Booth Twitter

2 PM: Power to the Podcasters (Daniel)

Listen to this panel on WHO37.

3 PM: Dominic Glynn Interview

4 PM: Big Finish on the Run

5 PM: The Billie Piper Interview

Evening: Britrock Cyberkaraoke Party and Mysterious Theatre 337 "The Tomb of the Cybermen."



11 AM: Chronicling the Doctor

Paul Booth Twitter

Lynne Thomas Twitter

3 PM: The Terrific Troughton Trio

4 PM: The Year of Nine

5 PM: Closing Ceremonies

Pixel Who is here. The 10th Doctor poster we purchased is here.

Paul Booth's Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who is here.

About Time, Volume One is here.


Special Thanks to everyone who made this such a great experience. Can't wait for 2015!

Of Pandas and Poetry (The Time Meddler)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss the great First Doctor serial The Time Meddler. And struggle to keep the puppy quiet. Along the way, discussions of misconceptions about the First Doctor, the creation of the pseudo-historical in Doctor Who, and the characterizations of Steven and Vicki abound. Also: a change in leadership as Verity Lambert leaves, looking ahead to some missing episodes, and casting a modern version of the Meddling Monk. 

Main Topic: The Time Meddler. Funny Hartnell. Deep Hartnell. Stereotypes about Hartnell. Three quotes from The Time Meddler. Shana doesn't listen to podcasts. The panda, the poetry. Not naming a certain showrunner. Jokes at the expense of other characters. The Time Meddler as a reintroduction to the series. Clever and cute Vicki. A space helmet for a cow. Puppy problems. A Very Modern Episode. The Introduction of the Pseudo-Historical. IDBI. An unintentional preview for a future podcast episode. Feminist Vicki. Skeptical Steven. Quippy Hartnell. The great Douglas Camfield. Introducing the Monk. An actress from The Tribe of Gum. Wanting to see the Monk in New Who. 90s High School Girl Wig. Puppy Problems II. Time Travel as a Device in Doctor Who. Plot contrivances. The Doctor Vs. The Meddler. Puppy Problems III. The Meddler as Loki. Wrapping up. 

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Not a Foucauldian Reading of Doctor Who (A Conversation with Paul Booth)

We met academic Doctor Who writer Paul Booth at Chicago TARDIS 2014, and against his better judgement he agreed to sit down with us for an hour or so for a conversation about the intersection between Doctor Who fandom and the show's production team. What are some of the defining characteristics of Doctor Who fandom? What is (and should be) the relationship between the show and its fans? How can we reconcile liking something that we find problematic in many ways? All this and Paul gives us a somewhat controversial choice for his personal favorite Doctor Who episode. (Hint: It's a Pertwee.)


Main Topic: Paul Booth interview. What episode number is this? Introducing Paul at Chicago TARDIS. History begins. No spoilers for Greatest Show in the Galaxy. You can swear on this podcast. Fandom as an entity in Doctor Who. A history of science fiction fandom. Quotidian. Stereotypes of fandom. Billie Piper calls David Tennant for help in understanding science fiction. Has Doctor Who done something new to shake the "geek" crowd? "No consequences." The middle space between fanon and canon. Series 6B. "The Doctor Who Mafia." Sexist/Racist Moffat? Clara in Series 8: a feminist portrayal? Taking off the academic hat. "If I like it it's good writing." The ultimate empty threat. The popularity of 70s Who. The popularity of Who varies inversely with the level of challenge it presents. The avant-garde 60s Who credit sequence. "Doctor OHO." Red Herrings in Who. Precision in the definite article. Pansexual vs. Polyamorous. Quotidian TV. Paul doesn't have a Doctor. Misconceptions of Hartnell. Paul's Favorite Episode: "Day of the Doctor." One day we'll do a Weeping Angels Special. Shipping Wendy/Frazer in real life. Nyssa in Big Finish vs. on TV. Paul: Important that Night of the Doctor wasn't on TV. Wrapping up. 


The Likely Lads mention Doctor Who in 1964.


You can find Paul's twitter here.

And his book: Fan Phenomena: Doctor Who (Intellect Press) is here.

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The Quest for Fire (An Unearthly Child/100,000 BC)

In this episode (recorded on the day of the 51st anniversary) Daniel and Shana discuss the very first episode of Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child. Are the caveman sequences worth it? Is Barbara really as awesome as fandom thinks? (Yes.) Should the Doctor always be a hero? All this and much more.

Main Topic: An Unearthly Child. Meeting three new companions. The Susan Scream. Parks and Recreation reference. Explaining "received fan wisdom." Going to Chicago TARDIS. Talkin' about Susan Foreman. Doctor Who Hair Trivia. "I Don't Like This Century." Shana Impersonates Susan. Doing Barbara. Coal Hill Schoolteachers in Season One and Series Eight. Eyefuckery. The first episode of An Unearthly Child as the beginning of a horror movie. Practical Barbara. Empathy. Blockhead Ian. "Courtney Trouble." The First Doctor is an officious prick. Moral ambiguity. Shana gives her quote. Skeptical Ian. Never show this to an anthropologist. Expectations of the BBC. Production values. Lots of Man-Thigh. Hur's agency. "Savages." Kyriarchy. Class structure. Doctor Who as Degrassi. The M-word. Worldbuilding. Shipping Ian and Barbara. Homoerotic fight sequences. Verity Lambert: one of the coolest women in history. Love for "An Adventure in Space and Time." A long aside about the Beatles. Would you recommend An Unearthly Child to a new fan? Leaving Barbara to die. Fear Makes Companions of All of Us. Bashing a caveman with a rock. An unheroic Doctor. Next Week: The Romans. 


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Meandering, Manpain, and Moffat-Hate (Dark Water/Death in Heaven)

In this episode, Daniel and Shana discuss the two-part Series 8 finale, "Dark Water/Death in Heaven." Look forward to discussions of death (both real-life and fictitious), competence in Doctor Who, the spinning of wheels in an attempt to hoodwink the audience, and Danny's manpain being more important than the life of a child. 

Main Topic: Dark Water/Death in Heaven. Shana plays with her phone. Lying to Cybermen. Daniel forgets the title of "Revenge of the Cybermen." Previewing future podcast episodes. A social media moment. Going to Chicago TARDIS. On to Dark Water. Pirates! How do Moffat characters experience the death of other characters? Inconsistency vs. ambiguity. Good ol' J.K.! Silliness. Keys and lava. Shana gets very personal about the grief process. Deliciousness buried in crap. Series 8 as "Doctor Who does the Sopranos." Refactive index doesn't mean that. Gruesomeness and "The Three Words." Remembering stuff that happened all of two seasons ago. Ranty Shana. Crying Shana. Death in "Father's Day" versus death in Series 8. Line reading a scene from Moffat Who. The female master. Danny Pink as a war criminal. "The brown kid." The unsurprising surprises. The lack of forward momentum. A musical interlude. Things we liked in "Death in Heaven." Kate Stewart and Harriet Jones. Osgood! The staggering lack of competence in Series 8. The Doctor, the Brig, and handcuffs. Why wasn't someone shushing Peter Capaldi all series? Shana imagines the Doctor Who Writer's Room. Daniel has an extended riff on a completely unrelated matter. Puppy containment issues. The Doctor isn't really the main character. Intent vs. execution. Praise for Michelle Gomez. Praise for Moffat's writing of the Master. When's the last time you saw Clara being clever? A tangent on "The Shakespeare Code." Production design. President Doctor. The "Doctor and General" debate and the Doctor's dislike of soliders." The Cyber-Brig. Never trust a hug. An abrupt ending. 


Screenwriter Terry Rossio on "The Impressive Failure." 

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Adventures in Close Reading (In the Forest of the Night)

In what is probably the most literary-discussion episode of our Doctor Who podcast ever, Shana and Daniel discuss "In the Forest of Night." Is Danny an irresponsible teacher? How should we treat mental illness in fiction? What is Clara's role in this story? Plus an extended discussion of poetry, all in this latest podcast episode. Also: Series 8 finale discussion. 

Main Topic: In the Forest of the Night. Not awake just yet. Millions. Annoying kids are a good thing? First female director of Doctor Who in four years. Moffat's checklist. Shana goes full-on writing instructor. Minor directorial complaints. Tigers and wolves. "Meh." The coke metaphor. Certified Poetry. Good/evil dichotomy. How many species exist on Earth that are "always and forever" in the Whoniverse? Heteronormativity rules. Wolves and tigers don't act like that. "I shined a flashlight at a tiger so I deserve Clara's pussy." Annoying children. Daniel makes a Harry Potter reference. Regionalism in Doctor Who. Maebh and mental illness. Dealing sensitively with mental illness in fiction. "Fear Her." Telegraphing hand movements. Mental illness in the American SciFi series "Alphas." Paring away the crap in "Forest." Danny the Scoutmaster is horrifyingly irresponsible. A deep read of the "forgetting wars and babies" line. Adam Sandler. A distinct lack of worldbuilding. Foreshadowing a future podcast episode. Shana has a very specific prediction about the two-part series 8 finale. "BDSM Mary Poppins." Familiar storylines. Peter Capaldi's interactions with the children. Wrapping up. 

You can read "The Tyger," the William Blake poem from which this episode gets its title, here: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/172943

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This Podcast Does Not Support Orson Scott Card's Homophobia and General Wingnuttery (Flatline)

Another episode, another recording style. And another Doctor Who episode (Flatline) we both really liked. Score another point for Jamie Mathieson. Here we discuss what we want the Doctor to be, how the simple matter of the show being remarkably less sexist and problemmatic affects our enjoyment, and the ethics of dealing with alien species with whom one can have little hope of clear communication. Enjoy!

Main Topic: Flatline. Interfering audio. Jamie Mathieson for showrunner! Additional thoughts on Mummy of the Orient Express. Moving past the sexism. Scientist Capaldi. Turning a corner. What traits do the companions pick up from the Doctor? The companion as Doctor-surrogate. The puppy starts to play with a toy. The dog goes outside. A more competent Clara. The prongs of the Bechdel test. Clara lies. Daniel references Neil Labute. Shana is an easy sell on the 20s and trains in space. Visual elements of Flatline. Shana quotes from badass Capaldi. Choosing to play a role. Daniel references the Ender's Game series, but this podcast does not support Orson Scott Card. Daniel ruins the end of The Iron Giant. Riggsy's final moments. Class distinctions in Doctor Who. Speculating about Missy. What we want from special effects. Verity Fucking Lambert. Moral ambiguity. Jamie Mathieson come back! Shana loves Selena Gomez. Did the Pandorica come from Gallifrey? Not just angry eyebrows. Comparisons to Tom Baker. Shana says "dang." Looking forward to the final three. Wrapping up. 

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