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Vampire Rocks and Secret Lesbians (The Stones of Blood)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss a recent bit of nerd culture misogyny/blindness, then move on to the third part of the Key to Time: The Stones of Blood. Discussions revolve around the relationship between Romana and the Fourth Doctor, spreading into Romana's acceptance by the other women in the story, and whether or not the Cessair of Diplos received a punishment that fit the crime. Also: what's the deal with Romana's shoes? 

Main Topic: The Stones of Blood. Vincent Price. A moment of numerology. Steven Schpansky and J.B. Anderton. "Kerfluffle." Comfort the powerful and afflict the powerless. Shana officially forgives JB. Didn't learn much from Doctor Who. Wyatt Cenac. Consent and cosplay. Fun to engage in critical thinking. Secret Lesbians and Vampire Rocks. Who is the Fourth Doctor Becoming? Overtly sexualized high-heeled Romana. Four respected Professor Rumford. Inner Time. Stuffy. Rumford as a Doctor surrogate. Vivien Fay: Bad Guy. Honesty and pettiness. #myqueerwife. #imahorribleciswhiteman. June Hudson. Whoa cleavage. The Megara. Red Dwarf. Uncomfortable Four. Not in the boy's club. Justified man-hate. Tarantino's wet dream for Romana. The two-sided coin of Romana's clothing. The real Doctor Who eyebrows. Female villains in Who. "They are never not funny." Augury. Interiority. Emasculated Four. Deserving eternal imprisonment. The crimes of the Cessair of Diplos. Justice. "Professor Lesbian." The 100th story. Next week: The Series 8 recap. 



J.B. Anderton's Who37 podcast and "Radio Free Sorrow." 

On Being the Only One in the Room. 

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