Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Turlough and His Short Shorts (Planet of Fire)

Shana and Daniel take a break from the series of guests and actually chat just between themselves about the Fifth Doctor's penultimate adventure, Planet of Fire. Turlough and Kamelion leave, the Master shows up in miniaturized form, and Peri shows off her acting chops. Also, a response to an email from a regular listener who has a problem with Oi! Spaceman's implicit racism. 

Main Topic: Planet of Fire. Johnny Cash. No guest! Shana and Jack. The Oi! Spaceman way. Plugging stuff. River Song's lipstick. Racist Oi! Spaceman. Definitely not cowardly. "I check the email and you don't." MLK and me. Turlough and his short shorts. Not too Tina Belcher. "Just queer." Didn't care about the plot. A big happy polyam fam. Turlough's privilege. Subtext. Turlough and River. Shana doesn't engage with fan culture. Very 1985. Hired for her tits. Rock-climbing Peri. Annoyed Shana. Cerebro. Dialed-down Ainley. General Master thoughts. The metaphor of the monster. Kamelion murdered. Missing Tegan. Numismatic versus pneumatic. Religion. Pacing. Next week: Caves of Androzani.

Shabcast 16 on the Matrix Trilogy.
The Androzani Critic Presents.
Never Cruel or Cowardly.
Daniel on Pex Lives.

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