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Troughton and Jamie and Vaughn and Packer and Zoe and Isobel (The Invasion)

This week, Shana and Daniel discuss one of Daniel's all-time favorite stories, one that prefigures the entire Pertwee era, The Invasion. Lots of couples in this one, including a Smithers-Burns relationship between Packer and Vaughn and some real girl power between Isobel and Zoe. Also: the Cybermen.

Main Topic: The Invasion. A discussion of "Sinister Allies." Adorable married couple bullshit. The great Kevin Stoney as Tobias Vaughn. Coffee and paczkis. Sassy "under-Brigs." What if this was a lost episode? Packer... Waylon Smithers and James Bond and Lex Luthor. Shana "icks" the Great Intelligence. Fascist but sympathetic Vaughn. Human monsters. Picking on the Weeping Angels. Packer... Shana doesn't want to talk about Jamie yet. "Land of the butt shot."  Isobel and creeping feminism. "Give her her thirty seconds, you fuckhole," says the Brig (effectively). What happens when you have two female characters in an episode. Representation of teenagers in media. Zoe's pretty clothes. Damseling Zoe and Isobel. Don Harper's music. Riffing on Groucho Marx for some bizarre reason. Electronic Morricone or "really good Scooby Doo." Interrupted by a small dog bark. Ripping off "The Invasion" in New Who. The Name of the Brig. A Robot Chicken Sketch. The birth of UNIT. Shana randomly starts singing an Ashley Simpson song. Troughton's Doctor plays the bumbling fool but is not actually a bumbling fool. Zoe gets cross with a supercomputer. Zoe destroys the cyber fleet. Zoe and Clara. Fraser being Fraser. Shana is annoyed at Daniel. Getting used to the pacing. Long-term companions. Projecting a relationship on Troughton/Jamie. A "Packer" supercut. Cyber-Packer. Wrapping up. 

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