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Time Lord's Burden (The Invisible Enemy)

This week, Daniel and Shana discuss colonialism, slavery, and the "White Man's Burden" in the context of "The Invisible Enemy." The ethics of a robot dog, the role of the white savior in Doctor Who, and whether it's best to view Leela's treatment through a sexist or a racist lens is all considered. It's not all serious, though, because Louise Jameson looks adorable in Tom Baker's hat. 

Main Topic: The Invisible Enemy. Shana gets the plot. Space. More with Finnoula. Interrupting Shana. The Return of Sexism. Starting with fun stuff. K-9. K-9 fandom. The computer geek in A Girl's Best Friend. Scrappy Doo. A brief discussion of "A Girl's Best Friend." Sarah Jane's backstory. Self-indulgent RTD. Existential crisis. Bad science. Ethical quandries. A hospital not an arsenal. "Leela has a point." Trigger warning. Savage Leela: all cunning and instinct. Leela and Sarah Jane as feminist avatars. The Bristol Boys. Diminished Leela. Some behind-the-scenes details. Tom Baker was a dick. Losing ground on progressivism. Ruling dogs through fear or love. K-9, Leela, and the White Man's Burden. Leela mistreated by the production team. Clara, Amy, and Leela. A product of its time. Two other female characters. Eye makeup. Leela flies the Tardis. "Sexism, sexism, sexism." Looking forward to Series 9. The Human Condition. Next week: The Invasion of Time. 

The Verity Podcast interview with Louise Jameson (from 2013) is here.

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