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The Quest for Fire (An Unearthly Child/100,000 BC)

In this episode (recorded on the day of the 51st anniversary) Daniel and Shana discuss the very first episode of Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child. Are the caveman sequences worth it? Is Barbara really as awesome as fandom thinks? (Yes.) Should the Doctor always be a hero? All this and much more.

Main Topic: An Unearthly Child. Meeting three new companions. The Susan Scream. Parks and Recreation reference. Explaining "received fan wisdom." Going to Chicago TARDIS. Talkin' about Susan Foreman. Doctor Who Hair Trivia. "I Don't Like This Century." Shana Impersonates Susan. Doing Barbara. Coal Hill Schoolteachers in Season One and Series Eight. Eyefuckery. The first episode of An Unearthly Child as the beginning of a horror movie. Practical Barbara. Empathy. Blockhead Ian. "Courtney Trouble." The First Doctor is an officious prick. Moral ambiguity. Shana gives her quote. Skeptical Ian. Never show this to an anthropologist. Expectations of the BBC. Production values. Lots of Man-Thigh. Hur's agency. "Savages." Kyriarchy. Class structure. Doctor Who as Degrassi. The M-word. Worldbuilding. Shipping Ian and Barbara. Homoerotic fight sequences. Verity Lambert: one of the coolest women in history. Love for "An Adventure in Space and Time." A long aside about the Beatles. Would you recommend An Unearthly Child to a new fan? Leaving Barbara to die. Fear Makes Companions of All of Us. Bashing a caveman with a rock. An unheroic Doctor. Next Week: The Romans. 


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