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The One Where Shana Says "Sontar-Ha" About a Billion Times (The Time Warrior)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss Sarah Jane's first adventure ever, "The Time Warrior," and discuss her relationship with Pertwee versus the one she had with Tom Baker. Also: the introduction of the Sontarans, the invention of the word "Gallifrey," and feminism galore. Bonus content at the end of the episode includes Daniel and Shana discussing the Big Finish Eighth Doctor audio "The Sword of Orion."

Show Notes: 

Main Topic: The Time Warrior and The Sword of Orion. Exciting weaponry. Last week should have been Douglas Adams. Daniel always messes up the title of this one. Gallifrey. Daniel is an anorak. The Introduction of Sarah Jane. Characters with differing levels of knowledge. Almost called him Strax. Jingo. The Sontarans and Ancient Aliens. Strax and Irongron. Originally supposed to be Bob Hoskins. Daniel gets characters confused. Rubeish. Mr. Magoo. The thin line between scientist and superhero. Not quite Shakespeare. Sarah Jane: Guerilla. Lis Sladen, universally loved by a lot of people. More techno and less babble. Bobby H-Dawg. "Women's Lib." Third Doctor in a different setting. A possibility of Hal being a companion. Probic vent or neck vagina? An eXistenZ reference. Sontaran makeup. The weird tongue thing. Sontarans as Americans? "Write a story about a castle." The premature death of Kevin Lindsay. Wrapping up on The Time Warrior. The Sword of Orion summary. The Vortisaur. Playing with the fourth wall. The too-perfect companion. Advantages of audio. Female characters! Telegraphed. Politics. Transhumanism in Who and "Captain Android." Creepy Cybermen. Sound design. A bit of an abrupt ending. Shana gets silly. Sontar-ha! Coda: Behind-the-scenes of audio editing.

0:00-38:15: The Time Warrior

38:15-1:06:28: The Sword of Orion 

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