Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
The One In Which We Don't Really Talk About Castrovalva (Castrovalva)

Daniel and Shana are joined by working actor and the current Ben Jackson for Big Finish Elliot Chapman in what was supposed to be a thorough discussion of Castrovalva. As it happened, very little actual analysis of Peter Davison's first story actually occurred. Instead, the trio discuss Elliot's work for Big Finish, including working with Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines, as well as some of his techniques in capturing the authentic Ben without resorting to caricature. They then move on to discuss the Fifth Doctor era in general, especially the soapier elements and some of the pacing issues in Bidmead's script. Finally, they have a brief conversation about the actual story, largely revolving around the ideas of creations overcoming their creators and the role of the tapestry as TV screen. 

Main Topic: Castrovalva. With special guest Elliot Chapman. Phallic symbols. Promiscuous Elliot. Other podcasts. Ben Jackson. Shana's podcast boyfriend. The buck stops with the script. Replacing Michael Craze. Frazer and Anneke. Watching New Who with Frazer and Anneke. Jamie/Davros/Quark fan fiction. Moving into Castrovalva. Post-regeneration fog. Flawed genius. "Who cares about intention anyway?" Transition. JNT undercutting Tegan. Janet Fielding learns how to act on the job. Costumes and aesthetics. No emotions. Could have been padded in interesting ways. Earliest Who. The Sam Seeleys. Soap opera Who. A Tartovsky reference. White male oppressor. Pacing. Dealing with the format. Three acts. "Castravulva." Feminized Five. Miscast in the most wonderful way. "Get his balls back." Davison versus Baker. The fucking cricket outfit. Thatcher's jingoism. Miscast brilliantly. Posh-boy thing. Block transfer computation. The Mind Robber. Klein bottles. Moving Shardovan. The Dog Agrees! Influential Bidmead. Didn't talk about Adric's cock. Wrapping Up. Next week: The last four episodes of Series 9. 

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