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The Angry Eyebrows of Peter Capaldi and Lecherous Lesbian Lizards

In which Shana and Daniel discuss Peter Capaldi's first full run as The Doctor: Deep Breath. Heteronormative treatment of a lesbian couple, a truly ridiculous cameo, and the mesmerizing performance of Peter Capaldi.

Main Topic: Deep Breath. Ca-pahl-di or Ca-PAL-di? Doctor Who porn. Capaldi's performance among the best things about Deep Breath. Vastra and Jenny have vastly different personalities than in previous episodes. Heteronormativity. Lis Sladen's ex-husband. The Moffaty awfulness goes on around Capaldi, not through him. Capaldi's regeneration crazies. Vastra and Jenny's relationship: "Look, Jenny's tits!" Men are Monkeys. Why are we continually watching the Vastra and Jenny show? Comparison of Strax from "A Good Man Goes to War" versus "Deep Breath." Victorian England as the "present day" of the current Who era. Finally moving on into the plot. The Doctor's last name is Doolittle? Empathizing with the dinosaur: beautiful. Daniel likes the bait-and-switch in the plot. Missed opportunities. Clara's response to regeneration. Scottish = Southern? Shana forgets Capaldi's number. Figuring out the basic plot mechanics of the "...of the Doctor" trilogy. Steampunk Who. The Interiority of the Doctor. The Reappearance of the Eleventh Doctor. Moffat appeasing the fangirls (badly). A defense of Matt Smith? The Angry Eyebrows of Peter Capaldi. Axing the Paternoster Gang. Missy in Paradise. Is Missy River? "Deep Breath" as the new "Don't Blink." Clara standing up to the clockwork droid. Shana starts yawning. Constant references to Clara's clothing being on or off. Daniel's greatest fear for Series 8. Explaining things that don't need to be explained. Shana has a puppy. Next episode: Into the Dalek.  

io9 talks about the Doctor Who porn (with SFW trailer).

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