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Systemic Evil (The Keeper of Traken)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel take a look at Tom Baker's penultimate story: The Keeper of Traken. First they discuss a bit of the real-world politics surrounding the Paris terrorist attacks from the weekend, in particular the not-particularly-surprising revelation that Gareth Roberts is a right-wing douchebag. After moving on to the titular episode, they discuss Nyssa, Adric, the burnt-up Master, and the limits of political authority. 

Main Topic: Keeper of Traken. Irish racist. Terrorist violence. Only white people eating baguettes and wearing berets. Gareth Roberts and Twitter. Killing tens of thousands of people with drones. Representation. Us and them. Daniel is too effeminate. Nyssa and the Return of the Master. Costuming and sets. Ainley. Kassia. Traditional femininity. Nyssa's costume. Other costumes. New blood. Adric as companion. "Math things." "What a haughty stuck up bitch!" The Master and the Melkur. The Keeper. The Paparazzi? Whither evil? Yin and Yang. Systemic corruption. Shana Godwins the podcast. Daniel's biases. Keeper vs. Guardian. No jokes about sixty-nine. Immigration. Next week: Series 9 Episode 9-10.

Daniel's Twitter conversation with Gareth Roberts. 

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