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Stupid Sexy Warmongers (The Sea Devils)

In this episode of Oi! Spaceman, Daniel and Shana are joined by Lee Russell of Hougly Reviews and the They Must Be Destroyed on Sight! podcast (often co-hosted by Daniel, so go check it out). They discuss the Third Doctor romp "The Sea Devils," with mentions of some terrible creature effects, campy overacting from Roger Delgado, and what Mac Hulke's socialism meant for his work on Doctor Who. 

Main Topic: The Sea Devils. Introducing Lee. Shana's initial thoughts on The Sea Devils: fashion victims. With a political subtext. "You don't have to pay attention to that shit!" The Sea Devils in context with the Pertwee Era. Pertwee driving around in boats and Jo Grant getting shit done. A very typical but atypical Pertwee. Can't compare Jo to Liz. Not quite a father/daughter relationship. Moving on to the Master. Eleven-dimensional chess. A useful idiot. The Three/Master dynamic. Turtle drag queens and wisdom. The Master watches the Clangers. Repeated plots in the Silurian stories. Dudes in rubber masks talking politics. "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow." Parlaimentary Private Secretary Walker. Is Walker a stand-in for Barry Letts? Stupid Sexy Military. Sandwiches and swordfights. Dickish Jon Pertwee. Would Liz Shaw put up with it? Lee and Daniel talk about the beer can. Did Jo kill a guard? The death of Roger Delgado. Malcolm Clarke's score. The Sea-Doo chase. Screwdriver usage. Wrapping up. Next week: The Three Doctors. 


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