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Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn (Inferno)

Finally Shana and Daniel get around to what is probably the single most-requested Classic Who episode they've gotten to-date: Season 7's Inferno. Drilling, parallel universes, and green zombie werewolves make for an entertaining episode, both for the series itself and the podcast. 

Main Topic: Inferno. Not such a bad intro. Slightly more loopy. What if it was called "The Mo-hole Project?" The one with the big drill and the green zombie monster thingies. Drill technobabble. Parallel Universes. Shana's general thoughts on Inferno. What does Shana think fandom thinks of Inferno? Steven Shapansky. All Action by HAVOC. "If this is your jam, that's great." Inferno Trivia. Camfield heart attack. Alternate titles. Venusian aikido. Pertwee and driving. Pertwee isn't Shana's type. Free will not an illusion. "So he just kind of sings sometimes?" Alternate universe Liz. Shana ships Brig/Liz. This Brig versus the Brigade Leader. Honoring Nicholas Courtney's performance. Shana doesn't recognize Benton. Stahlman. Sir Keith. Petra Williams. Greg Sutton. Derek Ware and his history with Who. The injured stuntman. Plumbing the metaphor. Shana gets critical and mean. All wearing eyepatches. "Thank you Moffat for making your episode dumb." Charming in velvet. Rough-and-tumble Pertwee. Wrapping up. Next week: Terror of the Autons. 

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