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Slavery, Theology, and Cosmology (Terminus)

In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by Nicole from the Terminus podcast. She's a big fan of the Moffat era (and hates RTD with a burning passion) so obviously that becomes a topic of conversation. They then move on to discussing the redheaded stepchild of the Black Guardian Trilogy, Terminus, with some discussion of Nyssa's characterization, the portrayal of slavery, and a bit of Norse mythology to boot. 

Main Topic: Terminus. With special guest Nicole from the Terminus Podcast. Daniel's terrible joke. Turlough is so gay. All the good ones are taken. "Reach out and touch someone." The dreaded Moffat discussion. No consequences. Having it both ways. Clara's death. On-screen emotion. Being told how to feel. Soap opera versus sitcoms. Companions in New Who. Feminized Amy? The cannot be whole without a man trope. The RTD/Moffat debate. Moving on to Terminus. "Fairly entertaining." "Fairly interesting ideas." Campy. The half-watching experience. Digging into Nyssa. Smart companions. Why did Nyssa take her clothes off? Agency. More than just goodbye. Tegan/Nyssa. A comparison to Steven Universe. Gaslighting Turlough. Proto-Draco Malfoy. The Black Guardian as gay metaphor. Camp Valentine. The Ineffectual Assassin. Turlough can't stand having the feels. Steve Gallagher's themes. Hydromel. The Walter White of Terminus. Rule from afar. Terry Gilliam. Mindful Vanirs. Norse mythology. Cosmology. Garm Unchained. Kink and Terminus. Steve Gallagher was a kinkster. Colin Baker's wife. There are pirates? Next week: Enlightenment.

The Tumblr post Nicole mentions on Moffat's deaths and man-pain. 

Nicole also mentions the documentary The Celluloid Closet and points us to this conversation on subjectivity of interpretation. 

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