Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism

In this episode, Daniel and Shana confront the air-quote Savage in their discussion of Leela of the Sevateem in her very first story, The Face of Evil. Lots of sexism, racism, classicism, and various other -isms (implicit and explicit) to unpack here, so you might as well have a listen. 

Main Topic: The Face of Evil. Pennant Roberts. Apologies to Fionnuala about Dodo. A personal hello. "Doctor Qui." Leela's costume. Cosplayers. A Dandy Pandy Aside. Jelly Babies and cannibalism. "Civilizing" Leela. If Zoe were around this story would be two episodes long. Question reality. Cargo cults. Red Dwarf. The Tribe of the Sevateem and the Tribe of Gum. National Geographic and Boobies. Leela as a Noble Savage? Capable. Questioning political authority. Both the Doctor and Leela as expatriates. Janis thorns. Sevateem/Tesh marks the Doctor's own psyche? The Doctor's Fuck-up. Tropiness. Existentialism. Fear of Technology. Blackface. Louise Jameson's legs. Shiny imagined futures. The whiteness of Mad Max Fury Road. Production. "Mount Tom Baker." Shana should blog. Leila Khaled. Femininity and violence. Praise for Louise Jameson. Bad laser effects. Next week: The Invisible Enemy. 

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