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In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Holly B. of the City of the Dead podcast to discuss the Third Doctor story "Carnival of Monsters," and end up wandering over most of the Pertwee era in the process. The miniscope as metaphor for Doctor Who *and* male gaze, the appearance of Ian Marter before Harry Sullivan, and the awesomeness of Shirna are all discussed. Also: a brief discussion of the Capaldi era so far.


Main Topic: Carnival of Monsters. With special guest host Holly B. of City of the Dead. Nothing New Series. Rebooting the show. Small things in small rooms. The New Pertwee Era. Metebelis III. Chickens. Adorable Katy. Reading Pertwee wrong. Self-awareness. Shirna and Vorg. Shirna is awesome. The Miniscope as television. Dishrags and Daleks. Holmes the vegetarian. Jo and the male gaze. "Nothing difficult, nothing political." Stage play. Parodies of the Third Doctor. Anti-immigration gray dudes. The obligatory Quentin Tarantino reference. Daniel was a bit bored by the politics. President Zarb. An extended conversation about bootleg copies of The Web Planet. Colonialism and racism. Ian Marter. Direction in the repeated sequences. Third Doctor/Jo vs. Twelfth Doctor/Clara. Jo as keeper of the sonic screwdriver. Comparing the Twelfth to other Doctors. Discussing Capaldi. Wrapping Up. Next Week: Series 9 episodes 3 and 4. 

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