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In this episode, Daniel and Shana take a break from hiatus to discuss the one, the only, The Deadly Assassin. Max Mad: Fury Road and the riots in Baltimore were very much on their mind during the recording, so this is a bit more politics-heavy than some other episodes, which fits the themes of The Deadly Assassin just fine. 

Main Topic: The Deadly Assassin. Zeitgeist. Dogs. Genesis. Fibro-fog. Center. Catch-Up. Masque. Sarah. Web. Travers. Furiosa. Companions. Formula. Masque. Doubt. Exit. Selection. Hinchcliffe. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Politics. Assassin. Issues. Movies. Baker. Exposition. Costumes. Spandrel. Worldbuilding. Panopticon. Vocabulary. Runcible. Monologue. Egotistical. Make-Up. Technicality. Freshmen. Kyriarchy. Skeletor. Women. Thatcher. Twelve. Shabogan. Matrix. Whitehouse. Tipper. Zappa. Popularity. Miller. Freeze-frame. History. Heroes. Biog. Thatcher. Acting. Quote. Hatred. Themes. Feminist. 

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