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Pregnable Fortresses and Authoritarianism (Time Heist)

In which Shana leads the discussion on the latest episode in Doctor Who Series 8, "Time Heist." Discussion of heist movie tropes, the ethics of large institutions, and puppy growling are to be found within. (Also Shana leads discussion for the first time, and it's awesome.)

Show Notes

Main Topic: "Time Heist." An auspicious start. Beards. Titles. Poetry. Puppy. Beer. Plot. The history of the exterior phone. Co-writers. Worms. Puppy growls. X-men. Hosting duties. Heist movies. Clara's outfit. Puppy barks. Titles before scripts. Boredom. Corridors. The Architect. Potential. Logic. Beer. Female villains. The Teller. Laziness. Verity! Hide. Family. Planet of the Ood. Anti-authoritarianism. Plot. Geography. Cleverness. Physics. Endings. Capaldi. Paper. Systemic corruption. Enjoyment. More on the Ood. Moffat. Dick. Paycheck. Leading. School. Sickness. Wrapping up. 

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