Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Of Pandas and Poetry (The Time Meddler)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss the great First Doctor serial The Time Meddler. And struggle to keep the puppy quiet. Along the way, discussions of misconceptions about the First Doctor, the creation of the pseudo-historical in Doctor Who, and the characterizations of Steven and Vicki abound. Also: a change in leadership as Verity Lambert leaves, looking ahead to some missing episodes, and casting a modern version of the Meddling Monk. 

Main Topic: The Time Meddler. Funny Hartnell. Deep Hartnell. Stereotypes about Hartnell. Three quotes from The Time Meddler. Shana doesn't listen to podcasts. The panda, the poetry. Not naming a certain showrunner. Jokes at the expense of other characters. The Time Meddler as a reintroduction to the series. Clever and cute Vicki. A space helmet for a cow. Puppy problems. A Very Modern Episode. The Introduction of the Pseudo-Historical. IDBI. An unintentional preview for a future podcast episode. Feminist Vicki. Skeptical Steven. Quippy Hartnell. The great Douglas Camfield. Introducing the Monk. An actress from The Tribe of Gum. Wanting to see the Monk in New Who. 90s High School Girl Wig. Puppy Problems II. Time Travel as a Device in Doctor Who. Plot contrivances. The Doctor Vs. The Meddler. Puppy Problems III. The Meddler as Loki. Wrapping up. 

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