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Of Davros and Kitchen Sinks

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Lee Russell of the They Must Be Destroyed on Sight podcast to discuss Resurrection of the Daleks. This was Lee's first exposure to the Fifth Doctor era, so lots of general Davison stuff is discussed in lieu of trying to specifically analyze this mess of a Doctor Who story. Although Shana ships Tegan and Laird pretty hard. 

Main Topic: Resurrection of the Daleks. With special guest Lee Russell of They Must Be Destroyed on Sight. Not the premier Davison episode. Davison not ready. Bland. "The Tegan era." Tegan and Laird. Turlough on the Dalek ship. Everybody dies. Davros. Rasta Androids. "A Dalek With Sour Cream." Kinda shallow. Too ambitious? "I'm sure Moffat would say that." Office-appropriate punk. "Let's go have some sex and then try to save things." Metal detector. Lytton. Kind of a Nazi vibe, but not in a racist way. Should the Doctor kill Davros? Rehashing Genesis. Better-handled in the New Series. Darker Doctor. Davison's interiority. Clip show. Smith and Davison. Diversity. The Daleks and their human helpers. Stein the Stutterer. Biological essentialism. The Nazi race in metal form. Rewriting. Davros without the Daleks. They've got legs. Turlough. Dalek Bukkake. Tegan and Janet. Next week: The Eleventh Hour/The Big Bang. 

Find They Must Be Destroyed on Sight here. Lee's Twitter handle is @Houghly_Reviews, and his Youtube channel is here

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