Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism

In this slightly delayed episode, Shana and Daniel discuss The King's Demons and The Five Doctors and basically just giggle. King John as a cartoon lion and a proposed Susan Foreman: PI spinoff are both mentioned.

Main Topic: The Five Doctors and The King's Demons. In the US first. Magna Carta. A ton of face makeup. Tegan's costume. Turlough's missing backstory. Kamelion. Constipated stare fight. Tegan is cold. King John. Robot of Sherwood. A rollicking good time. Sexist First Doctor? Christmas. Grandfather! Kitchen sink syndrome. Nostalgia vignettes. Emo hair and fucking Queen Elizabeth. Sarah Jane and Pertwee. Fascinating coats. Shada? Classic Who fan-girl. Susan Foreman: PI. Who didn't come back? The price of being an artist. Not truly iconic. Flavia. No reason for trivia. Borusa: the Twat-Lord. Wrapping Up. 

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