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Moffat Does the Ontological Principle (Listen)

Was the Matt Smith era just one big mistake? Series 8 has been quite good, and finally we get a very Moffaty episode that Daniel and Shana both quite like. Still lots of problems, though, and a thorough discussion of time travel tropes can be found within.


Main Topic: "Listen." An illustrious introduction. Beyonce's "Listen." Shana actually does work for the podcast. The story and nuance of "Listen" make Shana overlook some of the Moffat tropeyness. How many Claras? Clara's agency and skepticism. Upending the "rule monster." Crazy theories. Picking on Clara's looks. Cockblocking. Good teachers. Moffat companions as drivers of plot. Doing timey-wimey well. The Ontological Paradox. Toy soldiers. Orson or Awesome? Daddy Doctor checks out the prospects. Dad jokes. Clara has a Donna moment. Daniel recommends the Web of Queer. The wrongness of the Doctor. The Doctor investigates. Fear is not the mind-killer. Fear Her. Clara and Danny's date. Talkin' about socioeconomics. Clara's Wardrobe. Cinematography. Daniel plays an audio clip from An Unearthly Child. Fear makes companions of us all. The War Doctor in the barn. Meaningless Moffat retcons. The worth of this episode will depend on what comes later. The puppy wants to be on the podcast. Unwritten by Moffat. Wrapping up. 



Listen to The Web of Queer: www.thewebofqueer.com

Beyonce's "Listen:" www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1rLZfAfQLM


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