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Missing 1977 and Reading Twitter

In this episode of Oi! Spaceman, Daniel and Shana get silly, discussing being uncomfortably political, read some Twitter messages on the air, and eventually even chat a bit about the second part of the E-space trilogy: State of Decay. Sparkly vampires, eldritch horrors, and Leela's possible place in this story are all discussed. 


Main Topic: State of Decay. Retirement age. Not Wings of Desire. Someone will get that joke. Shana will never listen to any podcasts. An email from JB Anderton. Sexy Romana. Romana and Astra. City of Death score. Political Doctor Who. Tweeting at JB. Uncle Terry. The Witch Lords. Originally Leela. Not gender-fuckery. Adric is a weird character. A little milquetoast. Vampires with metallic bands across their eyes. Interesting. Witch Lords and Time Lords. Daniel says "like" a lot. Kalmar vs Ivo. Logic vs. Pathos. Callbacks to Face of Evil. After the Roman Empire. Eldritch Horror Vampires and race essentialism. Adric the opportunistic little shit. Leela versus three immortal vampires. Costumes and makeup. Reading tweets on-air. Staring daggers. Not that militant. Next week: The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived. 

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