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Middle Class Establishment Values (Series 9 Recap)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Jessica from The Web of Queer to do a general recap of Doctor Who Series 9. They meander a bit, but basically circle around issues of representation, queerness, and gender, specifically as they relate to Ashildur, the Zygons, and of course the "Schrodinger's Queer," Clara. Also briefly discussed is the announcement that Chris Chibnall will be the next showrunner of Doctor Who.

(CORRECTION: Minor technical problems on first upload, corrected 2016-02-18.)

Main Topic: Series 9 Recap. With Jessica from The Web of Queer. Laryngitis. Chibnall. Broadchurch. No more streaming. We are but poor podcasters. Tumblr gifs. Moving on to Series 9. Ashildir and her through-line. Enlightenment and immortality. Constructed memory. The Clara/Doctor relationship. The fourth wall. Liking Twelve? Series 9 versus Series 8. Sleep No More. Heaven Sent. Moffat two-parters. The Zygon Speech. Identifying with the Other. Political Who. In Hiding. On the side of the oppressors. "Don't Make the Iowans Uncomfortable." "Leave that to the progressives." Digging into Clara. Queerness a joke. River and Clara. Jack and Clara. Should we take Who seriously as a social justice show? Doctor Who versus Steven Universe. Mainstream TV. "White privileged douchebag." Musical Doctor Who? Looking forward to Series 10. Eye candy. How to introduce a trans character. Queerness as ideology. Trickle-down. Wrapping Up. Next week: Resurrection of the Daleks. 

Daniel on Pex Lives.
Daniel on Who37.
Daniel on the Shabcast.

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