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Meandering, Manpain, and Moffat-Hate (Dark Water/Death in Heaven)

In this episode, Daniel and Shana discuss the two-part Series 8 finale, "Dark Water/Death in Heaven." Look forward to discussions of death (both real-life and fictitious), competence in Doctor Who, the spinning of wheels in an attempt to hoodwink the audience, and Danny's manpain being more important than the life of a child. 

Main Topic: Dark Water/Death in Heaven. Shana plays with her phone. Lying to Cybermen. Daniel forgets the title of "Revenge of the Cybermen." Previewing future podcast episodes. A social media moment. Going to Chicago TARDIS. On to Dark Water. Pirates! How do Moffat characters experience the death of other characters? Inconsistency vs. ambiguity. Good ol' J.K.! Silliness. Keys and lava. Shana gets very personal about the grief process. Deliciousness buried in crap. Series 8 as "Doctor Who does the Sopranos." Refactive index doesn't mean that. Gruesomeness and "The Three Words." Remembering stuff that happened all of two seasons ago. Ranty Shana. Crying Shana. Death in "Father's Day" versus death in Series 8. Line reading a scene from Moffat Who. The female master. Danny Pink as a war criminal. "The brown kid." The unsurprising surprises. The lack of forward momentum. A musical interlude. Things we liked in "Death in Heaven." Kate Stewart and Harriet Jones. Osgood! The staggering lack of competence in Series 8. The Doctor, the Brig, and handcuffs. Why wasn't someone shushing Peter Capaldi all series? Shana imagines the Doctor Who Writer's Room. Daniel has an extended riff on a completely unrelated matter. Puppy containment issues. The Doctor isn't really the main character. Intent vs. execution. Praise for Michelle Gomez. Praise for Moffat's writing of the Master. When's the last time you saw Clara being clever? A tangent on "The Shakespeare Code." Production design. President Doctor. The "Doctor and General" debate and the Doctor's dislike of soliders." The Cyber-Brig. Never trust a hug. An abrupt ending. 


Screenwriter Terry Rossio on "The Impressive Failure." 

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