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In The Beginning There Was the Number (Logopolis)

In this episode Shana and Daniel wave goodbye to Tom Baker (for now) in their discussion of Logopolis. First, though, Daniel rambles on by himself for a few minutes about why you're not getting a discussion of Sleep No More and Face the Raven today. There's some computer science, some mispronouncing of words, some chat about Hitler and even a little bit of conversation about the episode in question. Shana might even prefer Ainley to Delgado! 

Main Topic: Logopolis. Sexual fetish out the gate. Out of order recording. "Jack Graham and Hitler." Americans don't get parlaimentary systems. Last stories. "Who's that White Dude?" Bratty Four. Billions of people killed. Dad's going through his goth phase. Resourceful Adric. Bidmead. Pacing. Preistly numerology. Visuals. All have wedge-heads. Authortarian monitor. Neal Stephenson. Moustache-twirling. Terror of the Autons. Jokers and Batmans. Regeneration. Interiority of the Master. Deserts. Daniel can't pronounce "Logopolitans." Cultural appropriation of radio telescope designs. "A little niche even for Doctor Who fans." Change three words. New podcast spinoff. Not a metaphor. Tom Baker's last season. Wrapping Up. Next week: Castrovalva.

Adolf Hitler was not democratically elected

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