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Hipsters of the Universe (Enlightenment)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss the final part of the Black Guardian Trilogy: Enlightenment. Believe it or not but gender politics and sexual orientation actually come up once or twice. Also awesome Tegan, the campy Captain Wrack, class structure, and the boredom of the Eternals. 

Main Topic: Enlightenment. Shortest ever. No longer about Doctor Who. Disney geek. Argumentative. Teacher voice. Bowie. The art and artist. Moving on to Enlightenment. Men wearing leggings. Bird hats. Maybe Jim Henson saw Enlightenment. Costuming. Tegan's butt and Wrack's Rack? Repressed gay Turlough. X-men. The Black Guardian as a metaphor for repressed homosexuality. Choosing Turlough. Turlough and Ashildir. Turlough and River. The Eternals. Shana remembers The Mind Robber. Bored Eternals. Hellenistic. Tegan's costume change. "The gobby Australian." Non-hetero Five. Querulous Five. Shana's Four and Ten. Davison was wrong. Stinkers. Hard to root for the Doctor. Wanted it to be longer. Super-creepy Ken Doll. Shana facepalms. What Enlightenment means to an Eternal. Richard Jackson. The Doctor the ephemeral. Captain Wrack. Shana doesn't want to do The Gunfighters. Linda Barron is good for the jews. "The cliche I love." Mindwipe versus mind control. The hipsters of the universe. Upstairs, downstairs. Eternal Doctor? The Black Guardian Trilogy as a trilogy. Turlough to date. "I didn't say her boobs jiggled." The Overcrowded Tardis. Direction. Wrapping Up. Next week: The King's Demons and The Five Doctors. 

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Daniel appeared on Shabcast 15 and "The Nattering."

Phil Sandifer on Terminus

Shana mentions poet Richard Jackson. 

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