Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism
Hard Science Fiction and Soft Feminism (The Moonbase)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss "The Moonbase," the value of a more hard-SF approach to Doctor Who, and the feminist implications of getting coffee. Also, organic solvents as the tools of revolution! First, though, a discussion of "Clara Who" in New Who Series 8.

Main Topic: The Moonbase. "The whole killer virus and Jamie and there's a gravitron...." A new microphone. "War-Doctoring" as a verb. Laughing at "international cast." Talking about "Clara Who," misogyny, and the difference between opinion and criticism. Shana is the first person in Doctor Who podcast history to call The Dominators "really good." Troughton as the lovable goofball. Comparing Troughton and Smith. Kit Peddler. Benoit. Historical context. The look of "The Moonbase." Not talking about the Daleks. Jamie and the Piper. "A little hiking-booty." What did Ben do in this episode? Love for the base commander. The birth of base under siege. "The Moonbase" as revenge story? Shana loves Polly. Sixties sexism in Polly's writing. An extended conversation of acetone and "nail varnish." Comparing Polly and Clara. Fashion and Polly. The token black guy. Sociopolitical Who. The moment where The Doctor becomes "The Doctor." Troughton's haircut. Daniel's favorite bit of the animation. Next week: "The Enemy of the World." 

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