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Forever White Knights (Firefly: Serenity)

It's finally happened. Shana has convinced Daniel to start podcasting Joss Whedon. They start with what is probably his most interesting series, Firefly, and will be doing all the episodes of the series plus the theatrical film over the next few months.

In this episode then, they discuss the two-part pilot "Serenity," introduce all the major characters, and discuss the use of gender within the show. Daniel picks a few bones with worldbuilding, and sets out the general complaint that the series' Western setting (along with the military background of two of its main characters) implies a connection to the American Confederacy that the show never really deals with authentically. It's going to be a very controversial ride.

Main Topic: Serenity. Hirsute and handsome. Shana versus Daniel. Whedonite. Introductions. Pandering. History with Buffy. History with Firefly. Lexx and Cleopatra 2525. Fan cultures. "Walt Whitman is 'feel my manliness?'" Characters. Sitcom writing. "Han Solo The Series." Two introductions. Needing a male counterpart. Zoe should shoot Mal in the face. First and last. Comic book structure. "Like a Civil War kinda?" Pacing. Adorable Alan Tudyk. "Star Wars Meets Country Buffy." Chinglish. Earthy, dirty, sweet, feminine Kaylee. The fragile masculinity of Captain Tightpants. The de-virginator. Heinlein. A failure of worldbuilding. Book defined by his sexuality and moral compass. What is worldbuilding? Badger. Strawberries. The Tams. Kitchen. Ooh, subplot! Kaylee/Inara. Sex and the City? Prayer. Mal an alternative model of masculinity? Ritualistic bathing. The Patriarch says it's okay. Kaylee gets shot. Peckinpah. Out of chaos River is born. The innocent savage. A more interesting story. Attractive Simon. Conflating intelligence with morality. Shana rolls her eyes. Zoe/Wash and Amy/Rory. Reavers! Brotastic. Pornstache. Economics. Alliance as an imperial power. Confederate iconography. Jayne. 

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