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Fangirling Over Capaldi and Low Expectations

In this episode, Shana and Daniel actually find a Moffat-era episode they quite like, although that seems to be partly through fulfillment of low expectations. Danny Pink is introduced through crying, Clara gets called a boy, and Peter Capaldi puts a shiver down Shana's spine. Also, some silliness about a Dalek. 

Show Notes:

Main Topic: Into the Dalek. If you were cast as the Doctor what characteristics would you want your Doctor to have? "Into the Dalek" actually gives us hope for Series 8. Low standards. Daniel uses the word "sperminate." The story arc of Journey Blue. Blue and pink. Is there such a thing as a "good dalek?" On the nose writing and reused elements from previous episodes. Gendered expectations and Danny Pink. Crying over a meet cute. Referring to Clara as a boy. Pink still a cypher. Journey Blue a much more compelling character. Capaldi's movements are purposeful and his Doctor exudes stillness. Shana and Daniel are both fangirling for Capaldi. The Twelfth Doctor cuts through the bullshit. Daniel talks incoherently about House M.D. Shana wants to read a quote and Daniel steps over his own feet. "Am I a good man?" is the theme of Series 8 most likely. The one single good idea the Moffat era has produced thus far: the Mythic Doctor. Ripping off Star Trek. "Resistance is futile." Things ripped off from earlier episodes. Low expectations about the science content in modern Who. Attracted to the Scottish growl. "Into the Dalek" is one of the best episodes of the Moffat run. Daniel will punch Moffat in the face. Non-sexualized, non-objectified female characters. Defending Clara. Daniel name-drops the Verity podcast. So many silent villains in Moffat Who but here we have an individual speaking part. Sassy villains. Daniel forgets an episode title. Wrapping up with a brief discussion of Missy and the series-long arc. Spoiling the end of The Iron Giant. Next episode: "Robot of Sherwood."

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