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Fab First Doctor in the Swingin' Sixties

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss "The War Machines," one of the last First Doctor adventures, and one that would have huge effects on the series for years to come. Does this story encourage technophobia? How does Doctor Who's popularity young people influence the way Hartnell interacts with Ben and Polly, and the Sixties subculture? How much of a raw deal did Dodo get? This episode is most certainly required. 

Main Topic: The War Machines. Daniel invokes Christ. Would the War Machines ever take over for the Daleks? The running motif of cardboard boxes. Creature design. Hartnell's last great performance. Talkin' about Dodo. The GPO Tower. Blue Peter. Shana thinks Polly is super cute. A commercial moment. Can this episode by more 1966? Promiscuous Polly. Hartnell in the Inferno club. Talkin' about Ben. Technophobia. Educational Who. The young listen to the Doctor. Posh Polly. The later careers of lesser-known Doctor Who companions. Science fiction's general failure to predict the computer revolution. Television a much more effective propaganda tool than the GPO. If you ever need a device to crush cardboard boxes.... Shana has a meta moment. Shooting in London. Shana is excited to possibly get to watch The Web Planet. "Doctor Who is Required." How does WOTAN know about the Doctor? A fan theory. The Doctor stands against the War Machine. The Doctor's response to his companions. Excited to move on to Patrick Troughton. Next Week: The Moonbase. Wrapping Up. Coda: Shana sees The Web Planet costumes in another take. 

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