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Errol Flynn's Big Dick and Metafictional Narrative (Robot of Sherwood)

In which Daniel and Shana discuss "Robot of Sherwood," in particular the metafictional nature of mythic heroes meeting discussing mythic heroes, and the place of moral ambiguity in fiction. Also, dick jokes. 

Show Notes:

Main Topic: Robot of Sherwood. Shana is not snuggling with a kitty. Saving the bitching for the end. A comment from Lee. The Moffat Hate tag. The job of a television showrunner. One-liners in Moffat Who. Responding to responses to Daniel's live-Tumblring of Robot of Sherwood. Daniel appreciates a good dick joke. Jack Harkness does not make dick jokes. Fairy tale Clara. Metafiction, Robin Hood, and Doctor Who. Disney Who. The Doctor and Robin Hood as mythic heroes. Stories as text in Moffat Who. Shana gives us a quote between Robin and the Doctor. Purple writing. Continuity in Doctor Who and other long-running franchises. The historicity of Robin Hood. The Doctor rejects mythic heroic figures. Daniel way over-analyzes "no bantering." Shana launches "rant mode" with another quote. The Keys in the Sewer. Clara is the MVP of this episode. Heteronormative dick comparisons are not fun for Daniel. Contrasting Robin Hood and the Doctor in mode of action. A leftover Matt Smith script? Nods to the Classic Series. Jesus in a celebrity historical and religion in Moffat Who. Shana updates on the cat. Wrapping up. Next episode: "Listen." 



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