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Episode 6: Thunderballs and the Dirty Old Box

In this episode, Shana and Daniel talk about the first episode of Jon Pertwee's tenure: Spearhead From Space. Or, as Shana refers to it, Thunderballs and the Dirty Old Box. We talk about Pertwee as the Doctor, the awesomeness of Liz Shaw, and the beauty of old grifters in Doctor Who.

Main Topic: Spearhead From Space. Doctor Who title structure. Shana's experience at Horrorhound in Cincinnati. Daniel doesn't listen when Shana talks. Editorial note: referring to the "RTD Era" more accurately as the "RTD/Gardner Era." A change in format. This podcast at least as academic as Shana's grad classes in creative writing, which in no way precludes use of the term "Thunderballs." What does Shana think of Pertwee's first episode? The history of the show going into season 7. Color Doctor Who as a kind of a shock after the B&W years. Campy Who as a distinct pleasure. The mental real estate occupied by Jon Pertwee. Finally talking about the plot of Spearhead from Space. Who is Sam Seely? Thunderballs! The awesomeness of Liz Shaw. The awesomeness of the Brig. The awesomeness of the Brig and Liz Shaw. The awesomeness of the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw (and the Brig). The joys of the small moments in Classic Who. Shana forgets the plastics factory. Daniel corrects a small detail because, you know, pedantry. Shana compares Spearhead from Space to "Law & Order." Shana giggled like a 14 year old boy. Robert Holmes! Daniel namedrops Doctor Who: The Writer's Room. Shana forgot to mention the plastics factory stuff, but when reminded of it loves it. Derek Martinus just died. Daniel is a bummer. Shana laughs at balls. Daniel explains the ridiculous Nestene plot. Shana talks about Liz Shaw's fashion. Caroline John's age. Shana calls out Daniel's Zoe obsession. Shana really likes sleep. The Doctor and Liz Shaw occupy equal narrative space. Connections between Spearhead/Terror of the Autons and the beginning of the new series. Plastics as a new technology used as an object of ordinary fear. Spearhead and the Pertwee era in general as being very different from the rest of Doctor Who. Daniel edits out the pauses in Shana's side of the conversation. Spearhead as an entry point into the Classic Series. Doctor Who is a sort of continually-rebooted show. What if Matt Smith's Doctor had been a scientific advisor to Torchwood? Pertwee Who as issue-based Who. Why did they go back to using videotape after Spearhead from Space? It feels like a movie. Don't watch all of Pertwee in order. Naked Pertwee! Daniel namedrops "Wizards of Waverly Place." More Sam Seely! A belated but heartfelt RIP to Kate O'Mara. Shana does some social media shoutouts. Not enough time for Shana's fancast. Shana ends with a great Brig/Liz Shaw exchange. Next week: The Eleventh Hour. 

 Why we should refer to the RTD Era as the RTD/Gardner Era

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