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We missed a week there. Sorry! Having some difficulties with podcast scheduling and editing. 

In any case, this week Shana and Daniel talk about two mindfuck episodes, The Mind Robber from the Second Doctor's run, and the God Complex from Series 6 of the new series. Also: Is Shana Daniel's spunky female companion? Tune in to find out.

Show Notes

Main Topic: The Mind Robber and The God Complex. Mind-fuckery. Is Shana Daniel's "spunky female companion?" Shana jumps into the gutter very early in the episode. The length of episodes in The Mind Robber. Daniel summarizes the story of The Mind Robber. The famous shot of Zoe's ass. "Sex pests." General kinds of enemies it's possible to send after the Doctor. Shana's feelings about Jame and Zoe. Sexualization of Zoe and her age. Zoe as the "new and improved Susan." Jamie's absence for a couple of episodes. The Doctor picking the wrong face (and being assisted in the correction by Zoe) as a revealing character moment. Back to Harry Sullivan and "old girl." Frazier Hines adding "Jamie-isms." Talkin' about the Karkus. Fetishy Rapunzel. We're on Tumblr too much. Admiring the Gulliver's Travels influence in the Mind Robber. Raiding the costume closet at the BBC. Daniel name-drops June Hudson like a boss. Summarizing the God Complex in a few sentences. The rich history of minotaurs in fiction. "The God Complex" makes Daniel's head hurt, and not in a good way. Not a Moffat-friendly podcast. Lazy writing. Daniel likes to surprise Shana with things on this podcast. Not wanting to revisit Moffat-era episodes. Rita as a great side character. Talking about Toby Whithouse, Being Human, and shallow characterization. Liking lots of stuff in The God Complex, but not much happens and there's a lot of padding. Pacing problems. Alien species as comic relief and make no sense otherwise. Shana thinks the God Complex is Not Scary. Personal fears as idiosyncratic choices. "The God Complex" as a sort of bottle episode. Perhaps the episode should have been a two-parter? Shoutout to the TARDIS Tavern. Talking about the ending. Rory could have solved the plot in ten seconds. The dying minotaur. Lots of sighing. Things we liked about The God Complex. Matt Smith's costume. A bit of confusing direction. Wrapping up. 


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