Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism

In which Daniel and Shana talk about Doctor/Rose Shipping, the nature of the Space Nazi as a villain, similarities between the Daleks and the Doctor, and erotic tension as a Ganatus/Ian/Barbara love triangle forms in "The Daleks." Also: a hypothetical 90s "grunge Doctor" and a (mostly) sincere request for fanfiction.

Show Notes:

Main topic: Hartnell's "The Daleks" and Eccleston's "Dalek." Is Shana a Doctor/Rose shipper? Eccleston as Shana's favorite Doctor? Hanky-panky in the Tardis? Nine playing the musical instrument in "Dalek." Sexual tension in Series 1 of New Who. Shana plays with her plush Dalek. Daniel is a Bad Fan. Then explains the origin of "Bad Fan." The pacing of the Hartnell era. Shana sings "Homoerotic tension." Spelunking in Terry Nation scripts. The pacing of "The Daleks" and the personalities of the Daleks in "The Daleks." The ultimate evil businessmen. Daniel forgets Sydney Newman's name, but talks a bit about the educational origins of Doctor Who. What might this episode had been without the Dalek design? The arc towards humanity in the Dalek race. Political activism in Doctor Who, particularly in the Verity Lambert and Russell T. Davies eras. The Daleks as Nazi analogues. "Dalek" as a metaphor for Bush/Blair-era warmongering. Shana plays with the plush toy again. Bringing the show thematically to America as a commentary on Americans. A brief mention of RTD-era diversity policies. Van Statten as the man-child capitalist genius. These two episodes as showing the Doctor showing "non-Doctorish" characteristics. Empathy and emotionality in "Dalek." Philosophical questions posed by many Dalek episodes. Daniel isn't a huge fan of the Master. The lasting effects of the Time War on the New Series narrative. The monsters inside of us all, and a Vonnegut reference. The hidden (and perhaps unintentional) humor of "The Daleks." Susan as a useless character, not to the fault of Carole Anne Ford. Fashion victims: The Thals. The amazing richness of "Dalek" and Eccleston's performance. Historically speaking, the way the show changes specifically at the turn of each decade. Matt Smith is "Hipster Who." What would a hypothetical 90s Who have looked like? Imaginary casting decisions. The Doctor Wears Flannel? A request for fanfic. Wrapping up with three excellent quotes from "Dalek."

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