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In this first official episode of Oi! Spaceman: A Doctor Who Love Story, Shana and Daniel discuss Tom Baker's first three stories: Robot, The Ark in Space, and The Sontaran Experiment. Also discussed: Doctor Who: Legacy, Colin Baker's dickishness, the feminism of Sarah Jane, and much, much more.
Show notes:
Main topic: Robot, the Ark in Space, and The Sontaran Experiment. Doctor Who: Legacy. A bit on Colin Baker. Extra-legally-obtained episodes? Another little bit on William Hartnell's antepenultimate episode The Smugglers. Shana's physical attraction to the iconic Tom Baker. Everyone's love for Sarah Jane Smith. The Third Doctor Era and Benny Hill. First mention of Harry Sullivan and "old girl." Sarah Jane's investigative reporting instincts in "Robot." The Third Doctor as the prototypical "Scientist Doctor" versus the Scientific Reform Society. "Burninating." Doctor Who and Isaac Asimov? Sarah Jane as the everywoman. Previewing future episodes on Jo Grant and the Third Doctor. The Ark in Space: one of Daniel's all-time favorites -- Shana is skeptical. Daniel can't remember who wrote the Ark in Space and gets it totally wrong. The charm of re-using corridors. The joy of bubble-wrap monsters and lo-fidelity TV screens. Shana has no memory of the Wirn, but loves the character bits. Doctor Who as an anthology series. Standoff between the Wirn and the Doctor. The Doctor tweaking Sarah Jane's feminism: what do we think? Every episode with the word "Time" is bad, except for one, and Daniel can't remember it until he googles it: BAD FAN! Sontar-HA! Did the Sontaran Experiment exist on a far-future Earth or another planet? We're both Bad Fans. The Sontarans torture people off-screen, and Sarah Jane's outfit is adorable. Second mention of Harry Sullivan and "old girl." The Sontarans as Space Nazis. Questioning humanity through the lens of fictional alien species. Military red tape. Sontaran makeup issues. Harry Sullivan's incompetence. Third mention of "old girl." Tom Baker's injuries and comparing the action scenes of the Third and Fourth Doctors. Sarah Jane's empathy. Anti-climactic endings in Doctor Who. Shana prefers Robot to The Ark in Space. Laughing at the B-movieness of Robot. Podcasting at the speed of Google! Ending on the classic quote from The Ark in Space.
Links: Tom Baker talks about his 50th Anniversary Experience.
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