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Defeating Toxic Masculinity (The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel barely even bother to talk about plot and story, so fascinated were they by the gender issues in the most recent two-part story of Series 9: The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived. Is Ashildur genderqueer? Is Clara queer? Are the Mire 'roid-ragers? Is Leando an abusive boyfriend? Also alternative masculinity as portrayed by the Doctor and by the perhaps-appropriately-named Sam Swift the Quick. It's probably more fun than it sounds. 

Main Topic: The Girl Who Died/The Woman Who Lived. Daniel shouldn't ruin Queen. Shana took notes. If you thought you were political before.... Did you like these? Silly tone with a core of darkness. Ash/Me. One story or two? A J.D. Salinger reference. "Arthouse films from before 1994." A Phil Sandifer reference. Shana might get bitchy about pronouns. A reading from Jack Graham. Maisie Williams. Defining some terms. The danger of being publicly queer. Moving into the episodes. The safety of the closet. Sexualized by the Doctor and Clara. The only thing Steven Moffat had to say about this. The Mire. Testosterone. Psuedoscience. "Trust me, it's unbearable." Taking over a village with a yo-yo and big bad masculinity. Web Developers. "There's gonna be a Big Finish in twenty years...." Babies. White Knight Doctor. Making Ashildr immortal. Never read any feminist literature. Orlando. Severance. Knightmare. Misnaming people. Sam Swift the Quick. We are all in drag. Performativity. Heart turned to rust. Dying children. Savior complex. Too like Missy? Hadn't invented cunnilingus. Sam Swift's masculinity. Dirty Dad Jokes. Self-hating Doctor. Abusive relationships. Brawndo? Me's turn to being a "good person." Longer-form stories in Series 9. Tenth Doctor stories. Moffat feels less involved. Fanfic. Next week: Warrior's Gate.

Jack Graham's post "A Surfeit of Lampreys," which discusses The Girl Who Died. 

Superfruit with Maisie Williams.

Hank Green: Human Sexuality is Complicated! 

Dan Olson's Folding Ideas video on Fight Club and Toxic Masculinity. 

Resources on nonbinary gender presentation, trans* issues, etc.

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