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Coming to You Live From Raxacoricofallapatorius (Aliens of London/World War Three)

In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by the wonderful, intelligent, and lovely Jessica from The Web of Queer! The three talk all about the Ninth Doctor story Aliens of London/World War Three, including the tragedy of farting aliens (who are also incredlbly body-positive), the loveliness of Harriet Jones, and the wonder of the Tyler family dynamic. All this and a proposal for a Doctor Who tribute band besides. 


Main Topic: Aliens of London/World War Three. Introducing Jessica from The Web of Queer. Podcest. A multi-part-question for Jessica. Shana likes the Slitheen. Jessica isn't opposed to them. The Slitheen are a family, not a race. Feeling bad for Jackie. The socioeconomics of the Tyler family. Triplicating the flammability. Good face in Doctor Who. Not bluffing. Worldbuilding. Shipping Nine/Rose. "Gay" as a perjorative. We cut Russell T. Davis a bit too much slack. Daniel is a bastard for asking for examples. Captain Jack wants to fuck everything. An extended riff on Torchwood. Toff. The Ninth Doctor's Empathy. Pointless UNIT. Harriet Jones: MP Flydale North. Talkin' about Mickey. The Ninth Doctor speaks from the perspective of Classic Series fans. The Bad Wolf arc. Marathoning not marinating. Integrating the arc into the episode. Mickey refuses to go onto the TARDIS. A puppy moment. No body-shaming among the Slitheen. Spielberg Who. Proposing a Doctor Who Cover Band. Wrapping up. 


Check out The Web of Queer!

The Web of Queer discusses bisexuality and bi erasure in their Episode 14, as mentioned in this episode.

You can also find Jessica's Twitter here.


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