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Classic Doctors and Companions (Classic Doctor Who)

In this episode Daniel and Shana return to Doctor Who and... chat. What was supposed to be a fairly concise look at the experience of looking at all the Classic companions turned into a long and meandering conversation about pretty much everything Who. Shana even says nice things about Steven Moffat! Each Classic Doctor and companion is at least mentioned, although some not for very long....

Main Topic: Classic Doctor and Companion Overview. Ninety. Daniel sucks. Big softie. Looking ahead. Dirty sneaky pirate things. Region coded DVD problems. Positive response. Comprehensive review. Joe. Really cool women. Scrutiny. Learning. History. Unique. Six in the Trial. Shana says something nice about Moffat. Jaws 5000. Test of time. Fallen out of love with Ten. Nine. Powerful and vulnerable. Pearl Mackie. "Let's see how Moffat fucks it up." Capaldi on a family show. Tennant the fanboy. Writer's room. Cautious optimism. Platinum Hartnell. "One day, I shall come back." Grandpa General. Disney reference. Troughton haircut. Cosmic hobo? Cosmic hippie. If Shana were to travel with a Doctor. Meeting Fraser Hines. Only a few companions. Sex symbol Pertwee. Austin Powers. Pumpkinhead from Space. "That's my Doctor." Tom's swag. Big Finish? Understated Davison. Matt Smith. Paired with Tegan. Sixie. McCoy's skill set. Chessmaster Seven. Tennantishness to Shana's fandom. Not going to talk about Matt Smith. Barbara is an inspiration. Manly man Ian. Zapp Brannigan! Oh, Susan. Vicki with her pigtails! "You're gonna have to show me pictures of Steven." No functional memory of Daleks' Master Plan. Or Dodo. Ben and Polly. A bit Aryan Nation. Polly and fashion. Adorable Jamie. Elliot Chapman. "The Piper!" Victoria in the kitchen. Period. Daniel's biggest crush is Zoe. Cosplay. Love letter to Liz Shaw. Our greatest podcast title to date. Shipping the Brig and Liz. Problematic Brig. Shana doesn't care about Yates or Benton. Cute Jo Grant. Fun uncle. Sarah Jane Motherfucking Smith. Fuck him in his stupid fucking face. Racist makeup. K-9 sucks. Romanas in a line. Heartbreaking Adric. Misused Nyssa. Tegan and Nyssa. Tegan and Eleven. Five answers to Tegan. Tegan the anti-Saward. Gay Turlough. Kamelion waste of time. Don't need to hear Shana's Peri rant again. Ace and them dimples and that leather outfit. Coming soon.... Next week: The Happiness Patrol.

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