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Attack of the Demon Poo Baby (Terror of the Autons)

In this installment, Shana and Daniel confront Jo Grant in her first adventure, Terror of the Autons, which has some really horrendous CSO in service of a demonic doll. Also: Mike Yates makes eyes at Jo, The Doctor sort of gets along with the Brig and UNIT, and innovative uses for Bunsen burners are found. Not least, Daniel and Shana coin the term: "Daffodil Bukkake." Oh, and some loser with a funky beard makes his first appearance.

Main Topic: Terror of the Autons. Daffod-evils. Demon poo baby. More with working titles. A random Family Feud reference. "The Great Robert Holmes." Just someone to hand you your test tubes. Yates as a Ken doll. The introduction of the Classic Master. Bloodless efficiency. "Fifty Shades of Purple." Bowler-hat Time Lord. Shana's introduction to the Delgado Master. Deconstructing the Master's plan in Autons. Death By Daffodil Bukkake. Moffat's favorite thing. The role of plastic in society. Talking about Demon Poo Baby. The Master's obsession with the Doctor. Shana wants to cosplay Demon Poo Baby. The infamous cocoa scene. The Adventures of HAVOC. The Autons are only in two stories. Re-pilot. "The Master is Always Up to Something Stupid, The Doctor Gets to Be Badass, Unit Does its Action Thing, and Jo Grant Wears a Short Skirt." Petwee's Lisp. Character dynamics. Daniel says "y'know" a bunch. Jo's relationship to the Doctor. The uniqueness of the Pertwee Era. The Doctor/Brig relationship. Comparison to Series 8 and Danny Pink. The Doctor and War. Chaotic Good and Lawful Good. Bureaucracy. The Tissue Compression Eliminator. Adventures in Lab Safety. Lived-in-um-ness. "Doctor Rogers." Rocker Mullet Jo Grant. Airheady Jo Grant. Wrapping Up. Next week: The Sea Devils. 

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