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A Turducken of Moffat (Last Christmas)

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the 2014 Christmas special, "Last Christmas," which probably should have just been called "Moff-ception." Or "The One With Crabs That Have Mouths in Their Butts." Among the topics discussed: the infantilization of Clara, the kinds of people that look like scientists, and the process of grieving. What a fun Christmas episode this was. 



Main Topic: Last Christmas. Shana took a bunch of notes. General Impressions about the Christmas special. Nick Frost/Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright. Praise for (most of) the technical side. "The Moffat Hate Hour." Moffat as the self-underminer. Dan Starkey. Moffat-era Who as a fairy tale. Twelve vs. One. Shana has Sara Kingdom on the brain. Clara being saved by men. Why does Santa get the Doctor role? Last Christmas and female characters. Patrick Troughton's son gets to eat a turkey leg. The Ur-Moffat villain. Shana will vomit if it's the Great Intelligence. Dream logic in Moffat scripts. A hypothetical David Tennant "Last Christmas." "You Don't Seem Much Like a Scientist." The TARDIS of the Magi. Why bring up serious loss if you're not going to deal with the fallout? What if the Doctor had been Clara's Santa Claus in this episode? Internal inconsistency with the headcrabs. Shana cries about the way Moffat handles grief and loss. Clara and survivor's guilt. A Latin-speaker's pun. Shana talks about writing workshops. Infantalized Clara. Daniel makes another Pixar reference. No mention of the Christian roots of Christmas. "Am I supposed to feel bad about their real lives?" The very gendered roles of the scientists after they wake up. Daniel makes a Red Dwarf reference. Suicidal Clara. Discussing the multiple endings. The anatomy of the dream-crab. Getting philosophical about Moffat fans. Wrapping up. 


Spherical cows

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