Oi! Spaceman: Adventures in Media Criticism

In which Daniel and Shana discuss William Hartnell's last episode, The Tenth Planet. Also covered: two listener emails, dealing with the Autons as Body Snatchers and the unlikeability of the Moffat-era protagonists. Along the way, we imagine the First Doctor giving fashion advice, reflect on the bellicosity of Americans in world media, and fall in love with Polly. Email us at oispacemanpodcast@gmail.com

Main Topic: The Tenth Planet. The history of regeneration. Lee's email about Spearhead from Space and the Pertwee Era. Scary Autons. Awesome Liz Shaw. Jo Grant was a joke, but not. We'd love to read some hate mail. Falling asleep while watching the Tenth Planet. Watching while fully engaged finding it much better. First appearance of Ben and Polly. Shana loves Polly. Pin-ups on a bunk. Badly summarizing The Tenth Planet. The far-off year of 1986. "Disguised" cybermen. William Hartnell as a Tim Gunn of the Cybermen? The Tenth Planet Cybermen have personalities. Shana imitates the voices of the Tenth Planet cybermen. Subplots and themes in The Tenth Planet. Kit Peddler and mechanical organ replacement. Science fiction and classic ethical dilemmas. Americans as bellicose villains in non-American productions. The cybermen have exactly one really good story. The cybermen as emotionless. Trying different ways of writing Hartnell out of Doctor Who. Shana has a Hartnell moment. "Fear makes companions of us all." Shana mistakes two of the "Blank of the Doctor" episodes. The Tenth Planet as a chess game. Doctor Who as anthology series. Reading an email from wtelf. The lack of personal connection with Moffat characters. Best Moffat-Hate friends. A plea for a Moffat fan to explain to us what they get out of it. Unsure about wtelf's age. A quote from the Tenth Planet. Loving it when the villains are actually RIGHT. Shana always picks the Tenth Doctor. Next Episode: Fear Her. Doctor Who: Saturday Morning Cartoon Style. 


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