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A Scientist Not a General (Mummy of the Orient Express)

We had some technical problems and life pressures, so this one is a bit shorter than usual. Let us know if you like the shorter format. In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 8: "Mummy on the Orient Express." 

Main Topic: Mummy on the Orient Express. An all-too brief synopsis. A slightly longer synopsis. Guest stars. A completely different Doctor. A completely different Clara. Felt like David Tennant. Not a general but a scientist. Not misogynistically weak. Jamie Mathieson. Paternalistic Twelve. Glitchy smiles. Caring Capaldi. Heroic Twelve. Not wanting to burst the bubble. Addiction to the Doctor. Holding out hope. Why is Clara traveling with the Doctor again? Comparison to McCoy. Lying. Agency, consent, and moral culpability. Shipping Maisie and Clara. Clara's magic hair and the TARDIS wig room. Praise for Jenna Coleman's acting. Cinematography. A rushed ending. Justification of the Doctor's decisions. Exploring darkness intelligently. Wrapping up. 


Foxes covers "Don't Stop Me Now." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-OTYT02W7E


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